HIGHLIGHTS - Spring and Summer 2013

Among my favorite moments from the interviews recorded this spring and summer were Kim Scheppele's remarks during a roundtable on "Scholars as Public Intellectuals Weighing in on History and Politics in East-Central Europe" on how scholars can fill the gap created by the decline of journalism (min. 17:15), as well as Timothy Snyder's observations from the same roundtable on "being able to say 'no' in an interesting way" (min. 30:10). Other insights include Val Bunce's lament that eccentricity is no longer considered a virtue in the hiring process (min. 1:13:08), and Matt Evangelista's explanation (for the uninitiated historian) of "process tracing" and its limits (min. 1:13:44). On the lighter side, David Ost describes being a rock star for one night in Moscow during the 1970s (Part I, min. 28:19). Finally, Norman Naimark's thoughts on mentorship (min. 53:51) are simply unforgettable.