Interview with Claudia Verhoeven--May 13, 2010

Interview with Claudia Verhoeven, Assistant Professor of History at Cornell University. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY on May 13, 2010.

Professor Verhoeven is the author of The Odd Man Karakazov: Imperial Russia, Modernity and the Birth of Modern Terrorism, published by Cornell University Press in 2009.

Interview Themes

What Verhoeven hoped to achieve with The Odd Man Karakazov (00:58)
Greatest challenge of writing the book (10:02)
How historians learn to recognize the new in history (16:29)
Primary influences on Verhoeven's research and writing thus far (24:44)
Implications of Verhoeven's work for the field of Russian history (31:38)
Recent works published that suggest what is interesting now (38:00)
Verhoeven's plans for future research (40:05)
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