Interview with Alison Frank--September 25, 2009

Interview with Alison Frank, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences at Harvard University. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY on September 25, 2009.

Professor Frank is the author of a number of articles and an excellent book on the oil industry in Habsburg Galicia entitled Oil Empire: Visions of Prosperity in Austrian Galicia. She is now working on a project on the Habsburg imperial port city of Trieste.

Interview Themes

How Frank chooses research topics (00:50)
Aspects of her training as a historian Frank found useful (07:00)
Books that have inspired and informed Frank's work (11:11)
On the role of area studies for scholarship on East-Central Europe (14:00)
"Internationalizing" the history of East-Central Europe (19:30)
Advice to young historians/scholars working on the region (22:11)

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