Interview with Gábor Egry--October 26, 2008

Interview with Gábor Egry, a young historian at the Institute for Political History (Politikatörténeti Intézet) in Budapest, Hungary. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY on October 26, 2008

Dr. Egry has written two books and a number of articles on the history of Hungary and Transylvania during the 19th and 20th centuries. He’s also written several thought pieces on contemporary issues for more mainstream media outlets in Hungary and Romania.

Interview Themes

The most significant historical event in Egry’s lifetime (00:50)
Hungarians and the legacy of 1956 (07:57)
The history and current mission of the Institute for Political History (12:07)
Egry’s own political convictions and how they are reflected in his work (18:00)
Situation and future of the left in Hungary (22:13)
East-Central Europe (past and present) in the broader European context (28:07)
Transatlantic scholarly collaboration (38:38)
The future of historical writing on East-Central Europe (46:26)

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